Faith In Action

July 2018

Jul 30

Christ-like compassion

Faith Focus for the Week   Empathy is our ability to understand and share the feelings of others, the ability to imagine ourselves in someone else’s place. Compassion is our response to empathy: to feel together, to suffer together, to be moved by what we have experienced through empathy. Compassion is a sign of inner strength....
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Jul 23

Small sacrifices

Faith Focus for the Week What motivates me to make “sacrifices,” to do more than the minimum required or expected? Who do I go out of my way to serve? When we hear the word “sacrifice” most of us think of giving up something, like the things we give up during Lent as a joining with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross....
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Jul 16

Simple hospitality

Faith Focus for the Week How do I show hospitality in my daily life? What do I discover about God in treating others in these ways? We all yearn to be welcomed and belong. Our Christian faith calls us to stretch and grow beyond our comfort zone or, as Pope Francis is so fond of saying, “go out of ourselves.” Hospitality is a...
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Jul 9

Bringing Hope

Faith Focus for the Week In what ways do I bring hope to others? We all have hopes and dreams. Yet we have no guarantee that all that we hope for and dream will come to pass in this life. We might find ourselves disappointed, crushed, even despairing. Not so with Christian hope. Christian hope is grounded in God. It is a solid trust that...
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Jul 2

Christain freedom

Faith Focus for the Week How do I use my freedom? Am I becoming more like Christ as I exercise the gift of free will? We think of freedom as the ability to decide the what, when, who, and why of our lives. However, in Christian understanding, freedom does not equal individual autonomy or individual liberty, or the power to choose. So what does...
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