Adult Faith Formation

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the process by which adults and children age 7 and older become members of the Roman Catholic Church.  Inquiry is ongoing and all are welcome.  Please call Dr. Annette Kubalanza at 630-393-2400 ext 122.

Summer Bible Study - Escape the Kingdom of Man:   Discover True Happiness

Kingdom of Happiness:  Living the Beatitudes in Everyday Life is a new 8-part parish program that unveils Jesus’ plan for happiness in the Beatitudes.

In a world that offers fleeting pleasures in place of true happiness and false promises that actually lead us away from happiness, it’s time more than ever to turn to the Beatitudes and enter into the Kingdom of Happiness.

Kingdom of Happiness will:

·         Show how the Beatitudes are much more than nice sayings, they are the path to happiness charted by Christ himself

·         Expose the “anti-Beatitudes” for what they are: the kingdom of man’s false promises of happiness that lead only to misery

·         Inspire a renewed resolve to live the Beatitudes through video profiles of real-life people living the Beatitudes in their everyday life.

Featuring teaching videos by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, and powerful profiles of normal people living out the Beatitudes in heroic ways, Kingdom of Happiness will not only inform about the Beatitudes, it will show the way to living them and achieving true happiness.

Please join us at 1:00pm or 7:00pm in the ACL on selected Mondays.

June 25 - August 20 (no meeting July 16)

Cost:  $10:00 for the Study Guide.   Please phone Annette at 630. 393.2400. x122  to register or email